A poem.

1 min readSep 19, 2021


Photo by writer. LetAshesLay, Self Sourced.

She hears…

Utterly false statements muttering from those she consider lost ones.

She sees…

Those whom claim to be found; no lantern to light their path near.

Into darkness; she has peered.

Relentlessly tugging on multifaceted tears.

Some seek homage, and for what —


She seek solace, and all that glitters

is not gold.

None; shall receive a dream as each believe it to be real.

She looks forth, for only dreams come when being done.


No prize won.

Tie a knot on her finger to remind herself of the self.

She keep near, and stay dear.

Snakes sliver through grass waiting to grasp, thrash, harass…

those not looking at all angles.

She face thine own fear.

Forgotten souls on the brink of what is near.

Only begotten to be champion of the year.

As a rose bud bloom;

the feeble consume themselves with sloth.

Wildflowers; determined doomed

through strength never hesitate growth in troth.



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