My Beloved

A Poem. Just your flock.

1 min readNov 20, 2021


This where we may eat.

This where we may speak.

This be where we may dance.

Encompass me in the softest of cloth;

dripping in romance.

He is dressed in his blue hues —

and God help me; the only sight…

a place of sound, and of mind;

he is kind.

Yesterday; I became a kinder woman.

This be where we may lay;

Encompass me in your arms,

where I may pray.


This to the source; To the Old Gods, New the same.

This be where he give me the key.

An adventurer; Unlock the epitome of he.

Will he know— just the same,

how to unlock me?

One taste of me will be a champions sweetest victory.

I promise.

I keep my promises.

A sweet revel in my garden, and land…

But you see?

We just may very well be making history.



Do you acquire a taste for sin?

Do you believe in Heaven; well, how about Her?

Will you examine my curiosities properly?

When I breath, you breath; unison.

My love, you will have every last piece of me.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash